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Blog  BY Staff  |  30 March 2020

Post workout dairy ideas

We all hear about post work out meals and that they are important to how we recover. That is because having the correct or most efficient workout meals can help our bodies improve composition, performance and overall recovery.

What does a post workout meal do for us? It will help replenish glycogen, decrease protein breakdown, improve immune function, improve bone mass, utilize body fat and also increase protein synthesis. So, having the right post work meal or food can be vital to how we recover and feel.

Our bodies keep stores of nutrients and chemicals which help us recover, in particular glycogen. Glycogen is a multibranched polysaccharide of glucose or in other words a form of carbohydrate. Glycogen serves its use as energy within animals and humans. Therefore, when we exercise or perform any highly physical activity, we are using up our glycogen stores within our skeletal muscles. Our liver starts to break down glycogen to help maintain blood glucose levels as our muscles work to consume it. Even though our muscles do have their own stores, when we get that feeling of hitting a wall or compete exhaustion you have burned through a large majority of your stores and will need appropriate refueling.

Eating after a workout is highly important due to your body trying to rebuild stores and repair and grow. Eating the right nutrients after a workout can not only help you do the above better, but help your energy levels be more sustained. Having a meal that has carbohydrates and protein is vital to how well your body goes.

Standard 250ml glass of milk contains: 1 serve

8.5g Fat

12.3g Carbohydrates

8.5g Protein

Milk is an ideal food to add to a post work meal as it is a complete protein, offering all the essential amino acids required and also has a decent level of carbohydrates per standard glass. Adding milk to a smoothie or bowl of cereal will help give and refuel your body for your next round of exercise or physical demand.

Post work out meals to try:

  • Oats with banana and almonds
  • Protein smoothie
  • Cereal with full cream milk
  • Cocoa and peanut milkshake