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Articles   1 August 2021

Our Favourite Baking Recipes For Any Occasion

We have picked our top 5 baking recipes using our Maxigenes milk powders for all occasions. Read More

Articles   5 July 2021

The Importance Of Protein Throughout Life

The word protein comes from Greek, meaning 'primary' or 'first place' which shows us just how significant protein is in our daily diet. Read More

Articles   17 June 2021

Understanding Lactose Intolerance

Lactose intolerance, What is it? Why does it happen? and how can you monitor it in your day to day life? Read More

Articles   26 April 2021

Stress free lunchbox ideas

Variety is the spice of life, though for school lunchboxes it can be a source of stress. we have put together a list of our favourite lunchbox meals and snacks for some inspiration when packing the kids next meal. Read More

Articles   23 February 2021

Protein Packed Meals

Just like water, our body needs protein to survive. We take a look at quick meal ideas to packing a protein punch with your meals. Read More

Articles   23 February 2021

Why is protein so important?

Getting a good daily source of protein is important so our bodies can carry out amazing and critical work. Read More

Articles   19 August 2019

Making mealtimes matter

Read More

Articles   26 March 2018

Goat milk queries-fact or fiction

Goat’s milk is a nutritious animal milk that is often overlooked by many Australians. There are some common misconceptions that are associated with this cow’s milk alternative. Read More

Articles   25 March 2018

How much calcium do we need and why?

For calcium the amount you need mostly depends on age and gender. Read More

Articles   22 February 2018

Healthy snack ideas for kids

Making healthy options for kids isn’t as hard as you might think. Read More

Articles   21 February 2018

Pasteurisation Process

With our Maxigenes milk powders, we currently use fresh milk in all our products and then use a pasteurisation and spray drying process to produce high quality milk for your family to enjoy. Read More

Articles   30 September 2015

Maxigenes Dairy Powders Comparison

We would like to offer some useful tips on Maxigenes powders to help you make the right product choice for you and your family. Read More