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News     |  25 August 2017

Maxigenes Dairy powders announcement

Maxigenes Milk Powders are always packed with natural pure milk without any additional chemical preservatives. In order to keep the milk fresh and have a maximum shelf life without affecting the product quality, we use a technique where nitrogen is flushed into the packaging before sealing has been completed. This acts as a barrier to decrease the deleterious oxidation and growth of spoilage microorganisms during the production process. However, nitrogen is a gas and its volume can expand or contract when subjected to temperature changes, especially during transportation, known as the process of thermal expansion and contraction. A potential consequence of this physical change is due to the effects of extreme temperatures, which can lead to ‘swollen’ or ‘warped’ bottles, though it does not affect the product quality.

Please note that Maxigenes Full Cream Instant Milk Powder, Skim Instant Milk Powder and Goat Milk Powder strictly comply with Australian food safety regulations, and we will continue to provide you with high quality dairy products.