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News     |  14 April 2015

Maxigenes Full Cream Milk Powder Product Information

Customers of our Maxigenes Full Cream Milk powder may notice slight differences in our product from time to time.

This may include slightly different taste or colour of the powder or milk when made up to liquid, please be assured that this is normal for products such as ours which use natural ingredients. Using natural ingredients means that the nature plays a role in the final product appearance slightly. An example of this is for our dairy powders is when using fresh milk from a cow, the milk collected each time may be different shades of creamy white, as the cow may have eaten different varieties of food and different amounts each day, we do not add any artificial colour or flavours to the products so you only get the freshest tasting product. During our blending process we also check the dairy powder to make sure that the product is to the highest standard and that you will receive the same nutritious product with each jar.

Please also note that taste may also vary depending on the amount of milk powder and water used, and how long the reconstituted liquid milk has been chilled for prior to drinking.

If you have any concerns about the product you have purchased please contact us with any questions. Please note when checking the font and spacing printed on the expiry and batch information the style may be different from jar to jar, as we are increasing out production lines to meet customers needs.