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News     |  2 April 2017

New Milk Sources for Maxigenes Full Cream Milk Powder

New Milk Sources

We are happy to announce that we now have included New Zealand milk powder sources for our Maxigenes Full Cream Milk Powder. This will be alongside our existing Australian sources, so you will now see on our labels both New Zealand and Australian sourced ingredients will be available for your deliciously creamy full cream milk powder.

As we also employ more production lines, we have also introduced a variation of our existing seal onto some of our production lines. This seal has a ‘pull tab’ which allows you to easily lift the seal, again this will now be available alongside our existing seal. Please refer to the image of both seals below for your reference.

Should you have any questions about our Maxigenes Full Cream Milk Powder please click on the ‘contact us’ page to send us your message.