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Blog  BY Staff  |  3 December 2020

Gratitude Through Food

We are often told that is what we eat is important, however have you ever considered how you eat to be equally as important? Food provides us the basis for life, nourishing our bodies and providing us the nutrition to thrive.The way we consider and approach eating should include a mindful approach that can help us express gratitude for the food we are eating and show our gratitude for others.

Here are some simple ways you can include gratitude through food:

  1. Consider where your food is coming from.

Today we are often disconnected from the where, who, and how of the items in our shopping cart. When shopping for groceries take time to read the ingredients and make sure you are familiar with each ingredient listed. Take the opportunity to visit local produce markets or farmers with the family and get curious about what it has taken to access these great ingredients and the best way to use them from those who work closely with the product.

  1. Respect ingredients you use.

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner these meals always seem to be done in a rush and in between other commitments of school, work, and other activities. This does not need to happen every day, even if it is one meal on the weekend take some time to slow down and take some additional thought for the ingredients and food you are preparing. Food should be savoured, and you may find that you enjoy meals when you appreciate the preparation process of the meal. When tasting the meal take time to taste the flavour of each bite, for young kids ask them to describe what they taste, the texture and the smell to help establish healthy food habits.

  1. Document your family recipes.

Every family has a favourite recipe, ones that get cooked on birthdays or you bring to a friend’s house to share. Writing down your family’s beloved recipes and sharing them with family and friends helps everyone celebrate food and promote home made cooking with those you love. Encourage your family and friends to share and expand your household’s recipe book, so every meal shared can be special.

  1. Share your cooking with friends and family.

Sharing is caring, it is also shows those around you of the thoughtfulness you have taken and appreciation of them. Bring someone a basket of baked goods, taking someone out to dinner or joining someone who is dining alone are all simple ways you can share your gratitude for others through food.

  1. Volunteer or donate.

We can all help look after our local communities by volunteering or donating food to those who do not have access to food security and learn valuable lessons about food waste, nutrition and greater awareness. If you are looking at ways to get younger members of the family involved, cooking a large batch of meals for an elderly neighbour, or helping new parents with doing the grocery shopping for them are simple ways kids can learn ways to express appreciation for others and the opportunities they have.

By trying out the above you and your family can help create meaningful food moments, by sharing love for food and gratitude.