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Blog  BY Staff  |  28 June 2020

Introducing Larger Scoop Size

Across out Maxigenes milk powders we are introducing a new style scoop, which will be included alongside our existing white scoops, as shown below. The new style scoops are light blue in colour and can hold more powder per scoop, providing 12 grams of milk powder per scoop. This has no impact on the nutritional benefits or directions for use of any of our milk powder products, as the same creamy delicious milk can be mixed using either scoop provided.

These scoops will be seen in the following products Maxigenes Full Cream Instant Milk Powder and Maxigenes Skim Instant Milk Powder. Please see the product information table below to the introduction batch number and expiry date information for the new the new scoop. Products made on or after this date may utilise either scoop, and if you have any questions about your Maxigenes products please visit the contact us page to reach out to us with your question.



Expiry Date

Maxigenes Full Cream Instant Milk Powder



Maxigenes Skim Instant Milk Powder



Maxigenes Goat Milk Powder