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Blog     |  30 August 2018

Milk Powder and Ready-to-drink Milk

It’s well known around the world that cow’s milk is a terrific source of nutrients which are essential for the development and maintenance of a healthy body. Many people may wonder then, why would someone choose to purchase powdered milk instead of ready-to-drink milk?

There are a few key points to explore when comparing ready-to-drink milk with powdered milk; in particular: accessibility, storage, taste and value.


Ready-to-drink milk is not always readily available when you want it most, due to shortages, quick expiry and other factors. Powdered milk can also be a terrific staple to have on hand for camping trips, where you can enjoy the taste of fresh milk without having to worry about refrigeration.


When fresh milk is turned into powdered milk all the moisture in the milk is evaporated. This process creates an end product that has a much longer shelf life than ready-to-drink milk. This means that the powdered milk does not need to be refrigerated until it is reconstituted, enabling you to have access to quality milk all year round.


If you have never tasted powdered milk once it has been reconstituted, you may be wondering if the taste is very different compared to ready-to-drink milk. The reality is, the difference is quite subtle. Powdered milk crystals are extremely fine which means that once reconstituted they dissolve instantly and the texture is virtually indistinguishable from ready-to-drink milk. For an even richer flavour you can store the reconstituted full cream milk in the fridge overnight before use or use additional powder to enhance the natural flavour.


Maxigenes® Full Cream Instant Milk Powder makes up to 7 litres of cow’s milk per 1 litre tub when the powder is combined with water. The price per litre on average makes Maxigenes® Full Cream Instant Milk Powder a more economical choice compared with ready-to-drink milk.

So there you have it, we hope we have helped to reveal some of the benefits of powdered milk while providing some useful tips for enjoying the creamy taste of full cream or skim milk with family and friends.