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Articles  BY Natalie Jakstas  |  22 February 2018

Healthy snack ideas for kids

Making healthy options for kids isn’t as hard as you might think and it’s so rewarding when you see them enjoying it. From innovative lunchbox snacks to after-school treats, here is a selection of our top 5 favourite healthy snack ideas for the kids.

Rice paper rolls

This a great healthy snack that the kids can make their own, by getting them to choose what veggies or meat they’d like to have. Finely dice the fillings and add into each roll, such as spinach, cheese and tomatoes. Perfect as a lunchbox snack as an alternative to the traditional bread sandwich.

Apple fritters

As a breakfast or even dessert treat, kids can enjoy these scrumptious apple fritters. Better when made with green ‘Granny Smith’ apples and the perfectly made into bite size portions. This can also be made with other fruit pieces like pear, banana or pineapple. Click here for our recipe.

Frozen fruit sticks

Food on skewers is fun, and you can use them to make these frozen fruit snacks. Using a collection of their favourite fruits like apple, banana or strawberries; assemble them onto a skewer. Then wrap with cling wrap and freeze until those hot summery days as a perfect chilling snack.

Cheese and Ham Pinwheels

An easy, cheesy pinwheels recipe that the kids will love. They are a favourite in my house and perfect as a snack or party food option. You can substitute the ham for capsicum or mushrooms to create a vegetarian option. Click here for our recipe.

Satay kebabs

Kebabs is a great way to get your kids eating vegetables and use some leftovers, such as leftover meat or steamed vegetables. Get the kids involved by getting them to create their own kebab depending on their unique tastes and then thread the ingredients them onto a skewer. The kebabs can be cooked on the barbecue or under the grill. You can even choose to pair the kebabs with a satay sauce for dipping, because what’s not to love about a yummy peanut sauce!